April Huf – Unlimited Resources For Loan Officers

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Building on new-found confidence and success

Loan Officer April Huf sat down with our team to discuss how she’s not only equipped with the tools she needs for success, but now she’s got the support to scale her business with them.

“I think that I find happiness at work in the sense of, yes, I love helping people and I love the thrill of the chase in sales, and I have a great team behind me. I’ve had amazing training here and it’s just really helped me come to work with peace in my heart and know that things are going to get done.

When I think of Southern Trust, I think of unlimited resources from your product selection to the marketing tools that we have. I mean, it’s just the sky’s the limit. It’s been such an amazing experience and you realize how many things that are here that so many other companies just don’t have.

“I’ve never really felt confident enough to do that until I was with Southern Trust.”

One of my most recent successes is I built a relationship that I was able to get. They always say, Ask for the business, ask for the business, and I’ve never really felt confident enough to do that until I was with Southern Trust. I don’t ever want to come into a relationship with my hand out. I want to bring something to the table and Southern Trust has definitely allowed me to do that. My practice is really flourishing due to the relationships I’ve been able to make.

The sales support here is second to none. I’ve worked in other industries and I’ve never felt the level of support that I feel here. It really is like a family. They believed in me from day one. Never working with me one day, after a few meetings, they chose to believe in me. I’ve never had any regrets. It never feels like I’m going to work. It’s a privilege to be here every day and to work hard with these guys.

Stop and think about your current situation. Do you feel supported? Do you feel like you’re a part of something that’s bigger than you? Do you feel that privilege to go in and work hard for your teammates? I really can’t think of anything that me, personally, that I’m lacking, and I think that for everything that you are looking for, you could maybe find bits and pieces at different companies. But to get that whole package, I think you would have to come to Southern Trust.”

Brian Picker
SVP, Regional Manager | NMLS #555555
6011 University Blvd. Suite 400 Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Brian Picker started his career as a loan officer in 2001 right out of college, quickly rising through the ranks to become a Branch Manager, and then joining Southern Trust Mortgage in 2014 as a Regional Manager. After more than 2 decades working as a mortgage professional in various capacities, ‘making home happen’ for his clients and building long-lasting relationships is still his passion.

When he joined Southern Trust, Brian says he knew immediately that our core values resonated with him. One in particular remains in the back of his mind each day: “amaze every customer.” His personal business philosophy has always been built on delivering a high level of customer service, and he wants his clients to have a seamless, stress-free, and fun homebuying experience. Brian even has a handful of clients who he’s done 5-6 loans or more for over his career. Therefore, going the extra mile and “amazing every customer” is always a top priority.

He believes the future is extremely bright for Southern Trust Mortgage and can’t wait to see what the team will accomplish down the road. During his 8 years here, STM has grown tremendously as a company with a great group of leaders. “I have no doubt our team will continue to make Southern Trust one of the best regional mortgage companies on the east coast.” –Brian Picker, Regional Manager

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and golfing. He and his wife have 4 daughters together, so they’re kept busy with their sports and activities!